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A Toombs Inc. personalized career management program is designed to help effectively navigate career changes. Clients are partnered with a dedicated consultant who, as their personal career expert, provide confidential support to assess their current situation, and develop a comprehensive plan to guide the job search, consider entrepreneurial opportunities, or explore retirement options.


· Customize a work search strategy that targets environments where you will find your best fit

· Develop your personal brand with a supportive communication plan

· Create a powerful resume that will capture the attention of hiring managers

· Practice critical interviewing techniques that turn opportunities into job offers

· Develop and enhance your digital brand and social media skills

· Sharpen your negotiation skills and market yourself with confidence

· Explore entrepreneurship and develop a strategic business and marketing plan

· Investigate retirement options with financial and lifestyle planning

· Receive the coaching, support and reinforcement needed to cushion the inevitable ups and downs of transition


· Regular, private meetings with your consultant to develop your customized career plan

· Access to our online portal for valuable resources

· Educational workshops for shared learning and skill development

· Assessment tools to help identify career options and strengths

· Career management online forum for idea sharing and nationwide networking

· Private and shared office space for a professional work environment and private meetings

· Administrative support with marketing materials

· Easy access to support resources and best job search sites

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