X-Treme Clean Premium High Pressure Wash Concentrate

Offered by: Teamworks Manufacturing Inc.

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Item Description

X-treme Clean is a premium high-pressure wash concentrate with

an excellent eco/health profile. X-treme Clean is a mild, alkaline,
non-corrosive product that effectively removes road film and soils from
all surfaces. Designed for superior performance in high-pressure wash
and foaming machines in an economical, highly concentrated formula.

This product is aderivative of a mild, alkaline, non-corrosive formula that effectively removes road film and soils from all surfaces. 

Xtreme Clean will not etch glass and is safe on aluminum and most painted surfaces. Unlike other high-pressure wash concentrates, Xtreme Clean does not separate, degrade, or suspend when put through a high-pressure washing system.

- Superior rinsing profile
- Phosphate free
- Economical concentrate
- DOT non-regulated
- Safe on all surfaces
- Low aquatic toxicity
- Non-sensitizing
- Non-carcinogenic
- Readily biodegradable
- No special PPE required

- Automotive
- Heavy Equipment
- Buildings
- Skid Units
- Plants & Industrial sites
- Numerous others…..
Works great on:
- Metals and alloys
- Painted surfaces
- Vinyl, plastics & glass
For use in HIGH-PRESSURE Washers

X-treme Clean is a highly concentrated formula. For use in high pressure
washers & foaming machines. X-treme Clean works best
when diluted at a rate of 200:1 with water. Dilution rate may be
increased to reach desired end result. Spray affected area with Xtreme
Clean, allow product a few seconds of dwell time to penetrate
and lift deposits. Rinse with water when finished cleaning affected area.

Manufactured in Edmonton, Alberta

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