Solvall Citrus Advanced All Purpose Solvent

Offered by: Teamworks Manufacturing Inc.

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Solvall Citrus is a breakthrough in eco/user friendly heavy duty solvent cleaning. Solvall Citrus is a powerful, advanced all-purpose solvent that possesses low  odor, super high flash point, superior rinsing properties and a much safer health profile than traditional solvents. A proprietary blend of a high-purity solvent and superior surfactant technology enables it to aggressively penetrate and emulsify heavy oils and grease, while lifting and suspending soil.

Exceptional Health & Environmental safety

-Super high flash point 

-        Low odor

-        DOT non-regulated

 -       Superior rinsing profile

-        Non-sensitizing

-        Non-carcinogenic

-        Readily biodegradable

-        No special PPE required

Solvall Citrus
quickly loosens and removes bitumen, oil, grease, road films & baked on carbon.  It is easy to apply and gets to work right away. Simply spray or wipe area. Let product penetrate and dissolve deposits. Wipe surface or spray off with water until clean. Rinsing is not necessary.


-        Heavy equipment

-        Oilfield tanks and tools

-        Pipeline equipment

-        Refineries

-        Tankers & HydroVAC

-        Numerous others…..

Quickly attacks:

-        Oil sands, Bitumen, Tar

-        Heavy crude

-        Hydraulic, motor & gear oil

-        Industrial grease & lube


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