Dynaclean All Purpose Cleaner -No Butyl Or Phosphates

Offered by: Teamworks Manufacturing Inc.

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DynaClean is an optimized all-purpose cleaner designed without the use of Nonylphenol Ethoxylates or Butoxyethanol. With application potential in practically every industry where a multi-purpose cleaner is required, DynaClean is a truly dynamic and versatile all-purpose cleaning product. DynaClean possesses industry leading cleaning effectiveness, with a low streak profile & excellent rinsing properties.

DynaClean is a concentrated formula. Can be diluted to suit contamination level. works on; Engines, tires, wheels etc. (@2:1 or 4:1), Carpet, heavily soaked vinyl or concrete (@10:1) & as a general purpose cleaner (@20:1). Simply spray affected
area with DynaClean, allow product a few seconds of dwell time to penetrate and lift deposits. Wipe & rinse with water when finished cleaning affected area.

-        General Shop Cleaning

-        Floors & Concrete

-        Office & Household

-        Vehicle Interiors

-        Numerous others…..

Works great on:

-        Metals and alloys

-        Painted surfaces

-        Vinyl, plastics & glass


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