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Teamworks Manufacturing was founded on the concept of creating safe, green cleaning products that consumers can feel good about purchasing and using. 

The innovative formulas used in manufacturing Teamworks Manufacturing products are first in class in terms of environmental, and user, safety; without sacrificing cleaning efficiency.

We manufacture Non Alcohol & 70% Alcohol sanitizers, detergents, degreasers, and cleaning products that are environmentally friendly chemistry for industrial, commercial and retail markets and are manufactured in Edmonton, AB. Canada

For a wide variety of products:

Office Spaces
Locker Rooms, Bathrooms
Restaurants and food preparation areas
Education facilities
Public transport
Public amenities, entryways and public spaces
Food Premises
Hospital/HC Facilities

DISINFECTANT (Food Premises)
DISINFECTANT (Hospital/HC Facilities)
DISINFECTANT (Institutional/Industrial)

- Transport Companies
- Sump Treatment
- Oilfield Companies
- Drilling
- Cementing
- Pipeline
- Mining
- Refineries
- Welding Shops
- Waste Removal Companies
- Car, Truck

Proudly Made in Alberta

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