Karma Shield™, A Reusable Face Shield Designed By Healthcare Professionals

Offered by: Karma Medical Products Ltd.

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Item Description

KARMA SHIELD™, a reusable face shield designed by healthcare professionals

  • Face Shields are made of shatterproof plastic, fit over the face and are held in place by a reusable plastic headband with elastic strap.  The headband has a built in visor.

  • The Face Shield covers the entirety of the face to protect from splash of hazardous material

  • The Shield can be easily removed in case of accidents

  • The Shield is impact resistant and measures 24cm (9.5") high by 36cm (14") wide.  It comes with a scratch resistant film that is to be removed before use.

  • Manufactured by Karma Medical Products, we hold an active medical device establishment license (MDEL) from Health Canada, License #12029.  Face Shields are a Class I medical device.

  • Can be safely decontaminated and reused.  Infection control has provided the necessary protocol.  Soap and Water, Bleach Solution, and Hydrogen Peroxide Solution may be used.  Documentation Included.

  • The slanted visor design limits splatter exposure from the front & above and provides ventilation & reduces fogging. 

  • Head strap is adjustable for comfort.

  • A reusable foam strip is included to increase comfort and also includes an extra foam strip.

  • Easy to don and doff

  • Simple & quick to assemble

  • Design has undergone clinical testing by the National Institute of Health and is already being used around the world

  • Complies with CSA Z94.3-15 Eye and Face Protectors

Item Details

Minimum order: 1
Production capacity: 5000
Fob price: CDN $25.00
Place of origin: Edmonton
Net weight: 2 lb
Certification: MDEL

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