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109 52472 RR 224, Edmonton, Alberta

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About GSS Integrated Energy Ltd.

GSS Integrated Energy Ltd. was incorporated and in operation since 2007 and has provided specialized services in creating community scale integrated electrical and thermal micro-grid utility systems.  These specialized services include:

Software Development: RIPPLE cloud-based modelling and simulation software for Integrated Alternative Energy System projects using renewable and/ or low carbon energy generation, storage, distribution and conversion.  The proprietary micro-grid simulation software includes the GSS patented TEES system with AZG borefields.  The software will support and validate proposals for renewal and alternative energy generation technologies by providing simulations and performance data to validate potential designs and recommendations to clients.

Engineering: Alternative Integrated Energy System Design and project management.  Services including energy modelling, feasibility & technical reports, as well as contracting as Owner’s representative.  Designs include thermal microgrids, Active Zone Geothermal, conventional geothermal; Thermal Energy Exchange and Storage systems, and low temperature thermal distribution.  Fiber Optic Thermal Conductivity testing and system monitoring. 

GSS DrillTECH Product Sales:  Includes Natural Gas Combined Heat and Power Generators for Cogeneration, Tri-generation and Quadra-generation applications.  PE-RT pipe and fittings, geothermal, BTES, and TEES loops assemblies, multi loop spacer (Geo-Sleeve), loop weights.