Biosmart™ 4 & 5 Oz Reusable Face Masks - Style 7150 & 7151

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Item Description

4 & 5 oz - 65% polyester, 35% cotton with BioSmart™ Anti-Microbial Technology
2-Ply design for full face coverage
2 elastic loops for added comfort around the head
Must be washed with chlorine before initial use to activate BioSmart™ technology
BioSmart™ technology is proven to be durable through a minimum of 75 industrial or home washes
Material is NOT flame or heat resistant

Come in multiple colours. (see sell sheet)

BioSmart 4&5 oz Reusable Face Mask Sell Sheets

Milliken™ BioSmart™ technology makes it simple and practical to integrate antimicrobial protection into common medical garments and products. The patented, bleach-activated technology harnesses the proven power of readily-available chlorine bleach, turning the passive textiles into an added layer of active defense against microbial exposure, contamination and infection.

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