Face Shields Now In 2 Sizes!

Offered by: Hydrosion Design Inc.

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Now in 2 different sizes:

Large 28cm high x 48cm wide (11”x19”). $20

Small 25cm high x 42cm wide (10”x16½”). $17

Both sizes fit everyone, it is just some people like a larger visor and farther from their face.

If you need 24 face shields or more, contact us for wholesale pricing.

Protect against splash from hazardous material.

Shield entire face, easily removable and impact resistant. 

Polyethylene terephthalate glycol (PET-G*) material, a strong and durable polymer.

Re-usable with head strap and a PVC foam band for a comfortable use.

Easy to adjust through two Velcro strips.

Liquid resistant as well as to soap or detergents dissolved in water to clean them, and most common disinfectants.

Significantly better durability and impact resistance than acrylic.

Better optical clarity than polycarbonate.

Surface scratches and scuff marks can be removed using a common heat gun.

Item Details

Minimum order: 1
Production capacity: 200 per day
Place of origin: Alberta

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