Swing Top Amber 500 Ml (Doz)

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Item Description

Perfect for home brewers and micro breweries. Traditional 500 ml (16 oz) sized bottle, but with a much thicker and stronger glass than normal bottles. Designed to be washed and refilled again and again. Caps, seals, and wires are removable and replaceable.

Great for beer, wine, sauces, vinegars, or anything that requires a glass bottle with a re-sealable cap. E.Z.Cap bottles will keep your beer fresh and carbonated! No more wasting beer! Showcase your special beers in these traditionally styled bottles!

  • Thicker and stronger than regular bottles
  • Pressure guaranteed to 100
  • Strong molded cap with replaceable rubber seal
  • Cap and seal are FDA approved materials
  • Reinforced neck and bottle top
  • Heavy gauge removable wire mechanism
  • Amber, cobalt blue, or flint (clear) glass
  • Dual finish, accepts crown caps as well as swing top cap
  • Reinforced base
  • Smooth sides for custom silk screening or adhesive labeling
  • Resealable, reusable, recyclable

Also available in Flint and Cobalt colors, and 1 litre (32 oz) size.

Item Details

Minimum order: 1 Case (dozen bottles)
Place of origin: Airdrie, AB
Net weight: 12 lbs

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