Neutral Floor Cleaner (Concentrate)

Offered by: Entrance Mats Cleaning Solutions Inc.

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Item Description

Soluqleen Neutral Floor Cleaner concentrate

  • 4L bottle ($ 11.95 + GST)
  • Case of 4 x 4L bottles ($ 47.80 + GST)
  • 20 L Pail ($49.90)

Free delivery withing the Edmonton Area in orders of $100 or more

$10 delivery charge in orders less than $100


Dilution ratio

Regular cleaning: 1:80 (or 1.5 ounces per gallon)

Heavy soil areas: 1:40 (or 3 ounces per gallon)


We ship to all Alberta, end us your Postal Code, the number of cases you need, and we will send you a quote and an ETA.


Please email us or replay to this add


We accept Visa, MasterCard, debit card, cheques, and cash.


Neutral Floor Cleaner

This product is a high quality all-purpose neutral floor cleaner formulated to remove dirt and soil without removing the shine. It has a pH in the neutral range and therefore does not dull finishes, leave mop streaks or soapy film.

This detergent has controlled foam and as such is ideal for use in automatic scrubbers. It does not contain any harsh alkali, has a pleasant fragrance and can safely be used on a frequent basis. It is safe to use on all washable surfaces including floors, walls, woodwork, etc.

Item Details

Minimum order: One 4L bottle
Place of origin: Alberta
Net weight: 4kg per bottle

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