Hand Sanitizer - Various Sizes

Offered by: Davinci Gelato Originale Inc

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WHO-Recommended Handrub Formulation // Health Canada Approved  

Made using plant-based alcohol. 

Buy small quantities directly online: https://shop.trexdistillery.ca/collections/hand-sanitizer

Product Details: Formulated to the World Health Organization's standards (80% v.v. ethanol/ water / Glycerol/ Hydrogen Peroxide ). Unscented. NPN: 80098184

256 mL Bottle w/ dispensing cap (Pending stock)

375 mL Bottle w/ screw top lid (In-stock)

1.75 L Bottle with screw top lid (In-stock)

1,000 L Bulk Totes (In-stock)

Please inquire for different sizes.

Item Details

Production capacity: 5,000 L /wk
Place of origin: Alberta, Canada
Certification: NPN 80098184

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