Working Capital

source: ATB Financial

ATB Financial is committed in helping companies in Alberta access short-term financing to support smooth business operations. ATB offers wide range of flexible solutions that would help Alberta manufacturers manage cash flow fluctuations during period of uncertainty or growth. The funds enable companies to borrow, repay and reborrow with no re-application.

Operating Loans: ATB Financial’s Operating Loans give Alberta manufactures access to working capital to manage day-to-day operating expenses. It revolves automatically and no need to re-apply. Interest is calculated on amount use only. Flexible terms.

  • (a) Typically used for short-term operating capital needs (e.g., day-to-day operating expenses)
  • (b) Variable Interest Rate
  • (c) Higher minimum borrowing amount
  • (d) Pay interest only on what you use
  • (e) Often secured with inventory and receivables
  • (f) Remains available to you after you use and repay it

Term Loans: Helps Alberta manufactures access financing to purchase land, buildings, equipment, vehicles or to finance expansion. Term loans are offered as either fixed or variable rates, adjustable amortization, flexible repayment terms .

  • (a) Typically used to finance expansion or to purchase fixed assets (e.g., land, buildings, equipment)
  • (b) Fixed or variable interest rates
  • (c) Lower minimum borrowing amount
  • (d) Pay interest on the entire loan amount
  • (e) Secured with equipment or real-estate
  • (f) Need to reapply if you require more financing
  • (g) Flexible repayment terms

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